Career Counselling

S.Raj Language Insitute helps students in many ways to help shape their career for studying in Japan. The gamut of services offered is wide and includes:

Going abroad especially in Japan is quite an exciting journey however it is fraught with much confusion, dilemma & perplexity. More often than not, a prospective student faces any or all of the given confusion/dilemma which affect their overseas study decision:

  1. Academic background/credentials.
  2. Comparative opportunities in Nepal as against other Countries.
  3. Financial ability and work background.
  4. Future academic plans & preference in terms of course and education provider.
  5. Long-term career plans & settlement options.

Students are many time unaware about the existing opportunities overseas. It is significant to understand various offerings Japaneses University should the student need to be on the right path of achieving the long-term goal. All relevant factors including the above mentioned are considered and discussed upon to arrive at a decision challenging the viability of studying abroad as compared to considering the same in Japan. Many popular destinations attract students but they come with their own share of peculiarities & inhibitions.

Some critics say that these kinds of research are not important read here in comparison with quantum physics or modern genetic study.