Yub Raj Khanal

Managing Director
As I was started to teach since 1991 A.D from Primary Level then I got promotion involving in an open exam, to teach in High School in 1994 as a Mathematics teacher, when I was involving in Education Sector at the same time I got the chance to go in Japan to study Master Degree in Nagoya University and Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan. I have completed Master degree in Education and Science and technology, I have done research in Japanese and Nepalese high school Level mathematics course, in Japan. I have joined Doctor Degree in Japan, at the same time I returned in Nepal because of my family problems, so I couldn’t complete it. Being influenced the study of Japan and the experience, it enforces me to open the educational school i.e. S. Raj Language Institute Pvt.Ltd. which has been providing language skills, true information’s about abroad, and student’s safe landing in the abroad.


  • +977-9846511845
  • yubak05@gmail.com

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